Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Join this empirically-validated 8-week program
Mindfulness at the EUI

“Mindfulness will change your life. Eduardo is a masterful teacher.”
-Kalypso Nicolaidis, Chair in Global Affairs at the School of Transnational Governance

«Taking the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Course with Eduardo Jauregui was a transformative experience. It provided an excellent introduction to techniques of meditation and yoga. I can wholeheartedly recommend the course for anyone wishing to find a counterbalance to the stressful moments of a PhD-Program.»
-Dennis Kölling, 4th year HEC doctoral researcher

«I highly recommend the MBSR course as an opportunity to discover more about the inner self and to raise awareness on stress levels in our daily lives. Thank you Eduardo for creating a safe space, for listening and actively being with us while we were sharing our thoughts and sensations. It is very supportive and empowering.»
-Erisa Taraj – Project Associate & Yoga Teacher, EUI

«Eduardo’s MBSR course was in many regards a revelation. How much we are conditioned to always be ‘doing’ something! The meditation practices and affirmations we have developed throughout the course made me discover the bliss of just ‘being’. They continue to help me grounding myself in the present moment and observing my thoughts with some healthy distance.»
-Franca Feisel, Doctoral Researcher in LAW

«The MSBR has been the greatest gift I gave to myself in the past years. The course has been a discovery and what I have learnt is a treasure: to dedicate time to myself and to accept with kindness whatever feeling or thoughts I have. Eduardo is a passionate and genuinely committed teacher: not only he created a safe, warm and welcoming space for the practice but he also shared a lot of knowledge about mindfulness. If you are struggling with self-judgement and/or self-doubt, I suggest to enroll at least in the first trial class to see if it’s your cup of tea.»
-Alumna, Law department

«Of all the courses I have taken at EUI, this one will probably be the most important for my remaining life in and after EUI.»
-2nd year ECO PhD researcher

MBSR at the EUI

Since 2022, the EUI has been offering Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), the original 8-week course developed by Emeritus Professor of Medicine Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979, with benefits which have been widely validated in dozens of research studies in psychology, medicine and neuroscience.

Currently the course is delivered online, allowing for researchers, professors and other members of the EUI community to participate regardless of their geographical location.


About MBSR
  • The most widely-researched meditation/mindfulness course
  • The mindfulness protocol with most empirical validation, including beneficial changes in brain activation (See for example Khoury et al, 2015; Goldin et al., 2013).
  • The reason why mindfulness has become a household word all around the world
  • Over 30.000 people around the world have experienced this programme, offered at hundreds of hospitals, universities, workplaces and other venues.
  • A highly accessible, non-religious, no-nonsense, dogma-free, skeptic-friendly, common-sense approach to meditation as a healthy psychological habit
  • An invitation to learn about yourself and explore new ways of relating to yourself, other people and the world at large (including your digital gadgets)
  • Based mainly on practice, together with group sharing of experiences, learnings and obstacles found during practice. (Almost) no reading, lectures or power points.
  • Includes exercises such as sitting meditation (on a normal chair is fine), a lying-down body scan, gentle physical movements (similar to yoga), mindful walking and other practices designed to bring mindfulness to everyday life.
  • Perfect for people who have tried meditation only to discover they can’t keep their bodies still or their minds concentrated for more than 2 seconds at a time!
  • For experienced meditators, an opportunity to deepen and reinvigorate their practice
  • Benefits of this course depend mainly on each participant’s commitment to attending classes and carrying out the routine of practice suggested each week (approximately 45 minutes per day). The course is intense, but many believe it is worth the time commitment for the skills obtained and benefits to their health and wellbeing.
About Online MBSR
  • Online versions of MBSR and other Mindfulness-based interventions have been found to deliver benefits comparable to in-person courses (Sanilevici et al., 2021, Riley et al. 2022, Bossi et al., 2022, Spijkerman et al., 2016)
  • Unlike other online courses, MBSR does not involve participants «looking at the screen» all or most of the time, as exercises take up much of the class and are mostly carried out by following the voice of the facilitator independently of the screen, often with eyes closed.
  • This course requires each participant to connect for weekly sessions using a computer (rather than a phone) on Zoom, from a private and comfortable room where the person will not be interrupted during the whole of the session.
  • During classes, the camera must be turned on at all times, showing yourself as you would normally in an in-person course. A sufficiently stable internet connection that can support video/audio streaming through zoom is a requirement for joining this course.
Dates and times

(NOTE: All sessions will be held online on Zoom)

  • Online orientation session: Tuesday 23 January, 17:30-19:00 (1,5 hours)
    This session is open to anyone interested in mindfulness or MBSR, even if you have not committed to taking the course.
    However, if you are planning on taking the course, attendance is very important. If you are unable to attend the orientation session but are interested in the course, please contact Eduardo.
  • Weekly classes: Tuesdays 17:30-20:00 (2,5 hours)
    -January 30
    -February 6, 13, 20, 27
    -March 5, 12, 19
  • Full day retreat
    Saturday 9 March 9:30-17:00

If you would like to reserve a place for the course (places are limited to 24) or the orientation session, please notify Eduardo. Fees to attend the course are the following:

  • reduced fee 40€: EUI and STG Master students, PhD researchers, trainees, and partners
  • full fee 80€: EUI and STG Fellows, Staff, Faculty, Research assistants, alumni and partners

Note that these prices are a fraction of the normal cost of MBSR, which in Florence is being offered for around 300 euros for this 30-hour course.

Eduardo Jáuregui

Eduardo Jáuregui

This course has been facilitated since 2022 by EUI alumnus Eduardo Jáuregui, a Spanish/British positive psychologist, best-selling author and director of the Madrid-based mindfulness school ModoSer. Eduardo’s doctoral thesis on the very serious topic of laughter and humor (SPS, 1998) was supervised by Steven Lukes. His latest book, Meditar se me da FATAL (“I’m a lousy meditator”) is an honest, entertaining and practical introduction to mindfulness meditation which has received praise from Tara Brach, Matthieu Ricard, Bob Stahl and other leading figures in the fields of psychology and mindfulness. The Italian edition (Semplice meditare se sai come fare) is available at the EUI library. He is a Level 1 MBSR teacher as recognised by the Brown University Mindfulness Center.

Activa el ModoSer

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